Grayrock Memorials and Florist provides families with seasonal plantings for cemetery properties. We offer four seasons of planting with a selection of annual plants and decorations suitable for the appropriate season. Our landscaping department provides you with quality plant material and professional care.

As much as you would like to visit, sometimes it may not be possible. With this service we can assure you that your memorial site will be well cared for.

We also provide custom landscaping design for larger properties and mausoleum sites. A properly maintained memorial site enhances the memorial and pays tribute to those who have passed on.

Aside from the seasonal plantings, we deliver floral arrangements to all local cemeteries upon request. With this service you can never forget your loved one on a special occasion. Please contact one of our professionals who can guide you with the proper selection for your specific needs. You may also click here to download a printable planting order form.

Grayrock Seasonal Planting Form